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About Us

We are a leading company in our field, delivering exact promises to every customer.

We repair washing machines in Singapore. We know that a washing machine is one of the crucial appliances at home. Moreover, the washing machine is the best facility and time-saving machine. we first locate the problem and then solve it. we have types of equipment to deal with separately like motor, electrical, water, and any outer body disorder.

we have a shop based in Singapore with professional technicians, all are expert in their related sub-field either problem is electrical or motor. And we also do repair broken washing machine of any type. Every individual in our team got train first then became our team’s part. You can judge our abilities by assigning us your work. you’ll no regret rather you acknowledge us. Our all washing machine repairers have enough experience that is needed to run our business. Most of them have more than five years’ experience as washing machine repairmen. Our reward is your satisfaction!

We will make sure before handing you over that your washing machine runs at the optimum level. We deal with washing machines keeping in mind that the washing machine belongs to which brand or company. Because some products of different companies may have a different design, style, appearance, etc. So same is the case with washing machine. That is why we explain the companies of washing machine that we can repair with clients’ satisfaction. We do our best to make your washing machine as less minimize damage as we can.

We make no sacrifices on the quality of work by our customers’ highest requirements and needs.  Mix repair is the perfect alternative to all home equipment repair requirements without a call-out fee and 6 months parts and work guarantee. We are responsible for installing the washing machine at her position. And some parts or pieces of washing machine that are replaced or added internally or externally shall have the guarantee of six months.

We will not cost you too much but we have to cost you reasonably. Before going to do a job with a washing machine, we first ask you about the budget. Most of the clients say that I am okay with this pricing, lets start your work. Because our pricing does not exceed the limit. That is why we called our repairing company is the most trusted one throughout Singapore. Our services are available all over Singapore. our repairer technicians will provide you services at you home in no time. We will get back to you with your washing machine as soon as possible. Because we care about you and your family.

Professionals from Singapore can correctly solve every problem. No matter how big an issue you have with your washing machine. If your washing machine sounds not good please inform us before the washing machine get involved in severe problem. Because disturbance of a single part disturbs other parts of your washing machine too. This is why we advise you to call us before the washing machine suffers from a severe issue that may be resulted in the complete disorder of the motor or electrical system.

Why we deserve your trust:

  • Responsible
  • On-time delivery                             
  • Affordable/Flexible price                                                     
  • Honesty                               
  •  Authentic and certified                     
  • Long-lasting elimination of the problem

Allow our  team to  help you out. We will do our level best & never disappoint you.

24/7 Service
24/7 Service
Highly Professional
Highly Professional

Brands We Repair

We repair all major brands that currently almost everywhere. If we miss any of the brands from our repair list brand so you can ensure us at call. Our customer service will give you full assistance in detecting and finding your problem. A decent washing machine can be a blessing for housewives and bachelors. Repairing them, on the other hand, can be prohibitively expensive. Cool Repair Point is the solution if you’re searching for dependable and trustworthy facilities. Washing machine repair is one of our most popular facilities, with brands ranging from Electrolux, Samsung, Videocon, and Bosch to Sharp, Siemens, and Toshiba.

Here is a large collection of brands of washing machines we repair:

  • – Bosch Washing Machine Repair
  • – Electrolux Washing Machine Repair
  • – Hitachi Washing Machine Repair
  • – LG Washing Machine Repair
  • – Panasonic Washing Machine Repair
  • – Samsung Washing Machine Repair
  • – Sharp Washing Machine Repair
  • – Toshiba Washing Machine Repair

A washing machine is a costly home appliance, in which you invest a little bit part of your money. In return, it saves your time which is everyone’s need. And secondly, this washing machine facilitates you on time. Everyone is used to this machine. If anyone of us instantly has to face the failure in the dryer and washing machine. Perhaps It may be problematic for someone in their daily routine and disturb the schedule. In this sort of situation, you urgently need a technician to solve the issue. We are here to serve you with that.

Market is having different brands washing machine. Every single dryer or washing machine is having different features and specs.No washing machine is superior or inferior over any other. Because every washing machine is unique in its way. It has separate and different installations of accessories. Its style may be different. And of course, its modification and physical adjustment will be different also. That is why we claim that we repair every individual brand differently and uniquely.

Most issues concerning the Popular Washing Machine:

  • Water leakage or stop circulation of water
  • Motor disorder
  • cut off the electrical supply
  • Being stopped or dead
  • Clean cycles leave those points or lines on the clothes you clean on the washing machine
  • The machine’s water does not discharge properly
  • During the spin cycle, clothing is already wet
  • There is no water entrance in the washbasin
  • Any weird sounds from the garbage disposer
  • When washing clothes, the washing machine does not rotate properly
  • Unnecessary foam in the washing machine
  • Restriction in the functioning of wire or connectors
  • We are running our business since the early 90s. We have believed that identifying the defective parts is a sign of actual expertise first. After that, the time comes when you analyze the replacements and eradications. Our technicians will come up with the solution of problems like motor, pump, timer, lid, switch, etc. We have standard quality equipment as well as accessories for replacement. So we can claim that the machine will be your companion in the long run. We have dropped our contact information to create ease for our people.

Reparations of our washing machine will fix and set:

  • Electrical problem
  • Not spinning
  • Water leaking
  • Not drying
  • Dirty clothes
  • No power
  • water problem
  • Leakage issue
  • disgraceful smell
  • and more.